“Sensible Solutions to Discomfort.” North Carolina Literary Review Online, 2020, pp.212-213. [Book review of Another Bungalow, a poetry collection by Maura Way] [More Information]

Book Review of ANOTHER BUNGALOW in The Bellevue Literary Review

Book Launch at Scuppernong: Another Bungalow


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The living texture of late America: Another Bungalow reconstitutes it, spiky as it ever was. Way’s poems are short and quick, brilliantly witty, and unwind from themselves sinuously and ruthlessly. We need this kind of fun! Dauntless, cruel, all-heart, trustworthy fun.

—Catherine Wagner, author of Nervous Device

The poems of Another Bungalow are endearing antidotes to memory’s rose-colored glasses; they chronicle the informal, indelible microeducations meted out through circumstance, strangers, and a quirky sense of humor. (Will having dressed as a hockey puck for Halloween determine your relationship with the man you met that evening?) If you never lost your bite-plate to the sea in a teenage laughing jag or conceded to a bully’s demands because they were addressed to the name on your second-hand gym shirt, you’ll still relate. Maura Way’s poems celebrate the “satiation found out beyond the bronze,” the “small but generative victories” that keep us, in our normal lives, unique.

—Janet Holmes, author of The ms of m y kin

With a deft hand and succinct syntax, Maura Way presents us with an exploration of memory that gives weight and meaning to the seemingly insignificant moments of life—teaching us to understand that what flits past us, may stay with us forever.

—Charlie Lovett, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookman’s Tale and The Lost Book of the Grail